Pluto for Biotech & Pharma

Whether you’re generating data in-house or working with external services, Pluto is a secure place to manage that data in one place.

Pluto is a cloud-based platform, designed for discovery-focused, cross-functional teams to collaborate on managing, analyzing, and visualizing life sciences data. With a flexible intuitive interface that puts the biology front and center, Pluto empowers wet lab researchers to generate branded/consistent figures for company presentations. Plus, the Pluto API allows access to the same raw and analyzed data programmatically, ensuring your entire team stays in sync.

Animation demonstrating how to create a plot on Pluto

We believe in accelerating scientific discovery through:

No more bioinformatics busy-work

Your bioinformatics teams’ time is freed up to do novel, IP-generating work. Pluto can be used as a data backend to your in-house Shiny apps

Transform raw data into publication-quality figures in minutes

Explore your data with biologically meaningful comparisons to test your hypothesis.

Share results securely with collaborators

Pluto has three levels of access for collaborators, giving you flexibility and control over how your data are viewed.

Ready to accelerate new discoveries at your company? Unlock your full R&D potential with Pluto.

Internal R&D

Wet lab scientists upload their own data to organize and analyze

Raw or processed from any assay your lab performs

Third-party sources

Securely fetch data from third-party vendors, ELN, LIMS, cloud storage

CROs, Benchling, Dropbox, we've got you covered

Image of plots in Pluto

Seamless team workflows

Manage your projects & collaborate security at scale

Explore results in minutes

Run powerful analyses & Create flexible, interactive visualizations

Expert analysis on-demand

Propel your research with custom statistical & bioinformatics analyses

Pluto Platform

Pipelines, Analysis, and Data Engine

Revolutionary science deserves software that can keep up. Supercharge your company’s velocity.

Beautiful, interactive figures with no coding required.

Learn more about the Pluto data visualizations and assays & analyses.

Example of various plots on the Pluto platform

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