Pluto Biosciences collaborative life sciences platform

One home for all of your lab’s experimental data

No more wasted time spent searching for data. It’s time to put your scientific collaborations front and center.

browse experiments

From raw data to publication-ready plots in minutes, not weeks

Turn every experiment into immediate insight. Drag and drop your data into Pluto to view interactive, customizable, high-resolution plots.

Test your hypotheses faster

Pluto brings powerful bioinformatics analysis to every researcher in your lab, no coding (or waiting for weeks) required.

Securely share results with collaborators. When you're ready, publish them to the world.

You're in control of your data. Share experiments privately while working on new discoveries, or make them public to benefit science for all.

Compare your results to the latest published research

Get preliminary data for your next grant now, without running costly experiments.

Search across thousands of published experiments to uncover findings relevant to your research.

If you can’t find something, ask us for it. We’ll make it available. No one wants to spend hours figuring out how to analyze data from GEO.

Measure your team’s productivity

Track and report your lab’s progress automatically. Pluto’s analytics give you the power to make data-driven decisions to hit your next milestone.

Pluto brings together beautiful design & secure, cloud-based software to create the most intuitive science platform yet.


We offer custom plans tailored to your lab’s needs:

Explorer, for individuals who simply want to explore publicly available data.

Lab, for teams who need one place to manage all of their data, securely.

Enterprise, for organizations ready to accelerate scientific discovery at scale.




Explore thousands of interactive, publicly available data sets

Save your favorite data sets for easy reference later



All of Explorer, plus:

Store and manage all of your lab’s Projects and Experiments

Generate interactive results in minutes, with no coding required

Export publication-ready plots

Share data securely and interactively with your lab mates and collaborators

Compare your results against similar published experiments

Schedule a demo



All of Lab, plus:

SAML SSO for advanced security within your Organization

Teams and roles

Administratative dashboard for advanced Project/Grant reporting



And more! Contact us to customize your plan.

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