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Computational discovery, simplified

Pluto's mission is to give scientists an intuitive, flexible canvas for exploring data, testing new ideas and hypotheses, and ultimately creating custom, publication-quality data visualization that convey a unique scientific story.

What types of data can I analyze with Pluto?

Pluto supports a wide range of data types including next generation sequencing (NGS) data such as bulk and single cell RNA-seq, ATAC-seq, ChIP-seq, and more, plus unbiased and targeted metabolomics and proteomics data types. For each assay type, you can import data in different formats (e.g. FASTQ, CSV), run pipelines, perform analysis, and create visualizations.

How does Pluto Bio handle large datasets? Are there size limits?

Pluto leverages resumable upload technology and cloud-scaled compute capabilities, allowing you to analyze datasets of any size efficiently without worrying about computational bottlenecks. Pluto subscriptions include all storage and compute, so you'll never see any hidden or usage-based costs.

How does Pluto ensure the security of my data?

Pluto implements industry-standard security measures for cloud-based software, including data encryption at rest and in transit, to protect your data. We adhere to strict compliance standards such as SOC2 and GDPR - visit for more information.

Is Pluto suitable for collaboration across different teams?

Absolutely. Pluto is designed to facilitate seamless collaboration between biologists, bioinformaticians, science leads, managers, and more. Collaboration features like real-time data sharing, comments, and integrations with platforms like Benchling, Colabra, Notion, and Smartsheet to keep your team in sync.

Can I integrate Pluto with other platforms?

Yes, Pluto is an API-driven platform that supports integrations with various tools your team may already use. Examples include BaseSpace for FASTQ file storage, Azure Active Directory for single sign-on, and Benchling for research and development collaboration, streamlining your workflow. Visit our integrations page for details.

Does Pluto offer educational resources for new users?

Yes, Pluto offers a comprehensive knowledge base, tutorials, and learning series to help new users get started and make the most out of the platform. We also provide tailored training and data migration support during your onboarding and throughout your subscription.

Can I customize data analyses and visualizations in Pluto?

Yes, each pipeline, analysis, and visualization option in Pluto contains an easy-to-understand UI with different parameters for customization. Analyses and figures can be adjusted according to your experimental design and research question without needing to code, ensuring that you can perform the analyses exactly as desired.

What types of visualizations can I create with Pluto?

Pluto supports a variety of data visualizations. Some popular examples include bar plots, scatterplots, volcano plots, heatmaps, Kaplan-Meier curves, and more. Our team would be delighted to show you a demo of how Pluto's flexible visualization canvas helps scientific teams effectively communicate their findings.

Why do I need to talk to your sales team to get started?

We care about our clients - you're the reason we do what we do! To ensure your team has the best experience possible, we tailor every plan to a company's unique R&D needs and goals. This helps us ensure you are successful from day 1 of onboarding in achieving your upcoming milestones.

What is the onboarding and implementation timeline for getting started with Pluto?

We take a tailored approach to designing plans, but Pluto was built to support diverse companies and goals. For most small- to medium-sized companies, your team can get up and running in Pluto same-day. Enterprise clients may take a little longer depending on integrations (e.g. SSO).

What additional support options are available for Pluto users?

Pluto offers a range of support options including a detailed help center, direct support channels, and a community forum where users can ask questions and share insights.

Do you offer discounts for academic and government users?

Yes, we're always happy to work with academic, government, and non-profit organizations to craft a plan that works for your budget and use-case. We also offer flexible partnerships for CROs, consultancies, and other service providers to support how they serve their own clients at scale.

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