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Unlock the full potential of bioinformatics research with access to over 14,000 published experiments. Explore, analyze, and integrate curated data sets directly into your projects.

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Comprehensive Data Collections

Dive into a vast repository of curated data sets from GEO and TCGA, meticulously organized for easy access and integration. Whether you're looking for cancer genomics, expression profiles, or epigenetic data, find what you need with Pluto Bio.

Comprehensive Data Collections
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Key Features

Enhance your research with our curated data sets and powerful platform features. Pluto Bio makes it simple to find and use the data you need.

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14K+ Published Experiments

Access an extensive range of curated bioinformatics data sets, including genomic, transcriptomic, and proteomic data.

Easy Data Import

Request imports from GEO or TCGA directly within Pluto Bio. Seamlessly integrate external data sets into your workflow.

Advanced Search Capabilities

Utilize powerful search tools to quickly find the data sets relevant to your research. Filter by type, disease, gene, and more.