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Empower your team with Pluto Bio’s collaboration features. Stay connected and streamline your research process from anywhere at any time.

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Your Research Hub

Connect with your team, organize notes, track experiment progress, and ensure data security, all within Pluto Bio’s collaborative ecosystem.

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Interactive Comments

Collaborate with team members through in-app commenting on experiments and results for efficient communication.

Research Notes

Keep all your research notes centralized, making it easier to share insights and maintain continuity across projects.

Interactive Experiment Canvas

Visualize your experiments interactively with a web-based canvas that facilitates collaborative design and analysis.

Web-Based Accessibility

Access your experiments and data anywhere, anytime, ensuring you're always connected to your research.

Managed Permissions

Control access to sensitive data with configurable permission levels, ensuring the right people have the right access.

Single Source of Truth

Maintain a consistent and reliable source for all your data, eliminating discrepancies and ensuring data integrity.

Audit Logs & History

Keep track of changes and data access with comprehensive audit logs and history for regulatory compliance and transparency.

A huge advantage of this platform is that it is fully end to end. I haven’t encountered another platform that can process large sequencing files and generate interpretable, publication-quality analysis so intuitively. It's so intuitive, even for investigators with limited bioinformatics experience.

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