Goodbye messy file systems, hello data harmony

Simplify your data management while unlocking even more potential from your results. Pluto’s thoughtfully-designed, comprehensive data management solution removes clutter so you can focus on the scientific findings that matter.

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Data only matters if you can find it

Effective data management is absolutely critical in life sciences, and it's easy to sink time into systems that don't scale. For high-velocity teams with no time to press pause, Pluto offers an instant and secure data foundation for your company's most valuable asset - its discoveries.

Scalable cloud storage

File size limitations? Not here. Securely store and manage large volumes of data with Pluto's cloud-based infrastructure. Leverage our fully-hosted storage plans, or bring your own enterprise buckets.

Real-time collaboration

Pluto is where cross-functional discoveries truly happen in real-time. Keep everyone on your team up-to-date and in the conversation with auto-syncing results + comments, notes, and threads.

Granular access controls

Protect your proprietary and sensitive data with multi-layered permission settings and role-based access controls. Map user groups via SSO & monitor access to projects or individual studies.

Comprehensive audit trails

Automatically maintain audit logs for traceability into how results were generated. Pluto tracks the change history for every experiment, analysis, and plot, down to the data point.

Seamless integrations

We're an API-driven platform that plays well with others. Integrate securely with upsteam data storage systems, ELNs, and LIMS, or use Pluto to funnel clean results into downstream workflows & apps.

Unified data environment

Create a single source of truth for your data that encourages usage & accessibility instead of creating silos. Pluto brings biology to the forefront, and keeps everything else searchable & secure.

Data security & compliance

We know that data & IP security are paramount to your company, and we put them first in our development process. Pluto meets rigorous industry standards for compliance, and can boost your organization's security posture by ensuring valuable results are protected at multiple levels.

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Pluto makes it easy for me to organize my data and run bioinformatics analyses, without having to code. I love the flexibility to create plots and interpretations as I analyze. The responsive chat feature is a game changer for quick queries.

Sireesh T.Enterprise UserMD Anderson Department of Genomic Medicine