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Turn your raw data into presentation-ready plots by running bioinformatics analyses in your browser, with no coding required. Track every iteration, and customize to perfection.

Pluto is bioinformatics figure-making software that actually saves your team time.

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Volcano plot example in Pluto

Unlock insane productivity

Stop waiting weeks for results, instantly run the analyses you've been waiting for

  • Summarize measured values - bar plots, boxplots, line plots
  • Run complex bioinformatics analyses - volcano plot, GSEA, heatmap, UMAP
  • Hone in on consistent results - overlap two DEG lists
  • Think bigger, go beyond spreadsheets - store imaging results, upload figures from other programs, published papers

Find any result in seconds, no more wasted time searching for plots - intuitively search by experiment, analysis, plot type, organism, date & more

Pluto plots and visualizations

Plot types

Kaplan-Meier curves

Kaplan-Meier Curve plot example

Enrichment plots

Enrichment plot example

Top pathways plots

Top Pathways plot example
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Integrative Genome Viewer (IGV) plots

Integrative Genome IGV plot example

Tornado plots

Tornado plots with coverage analysis

TSS profile plots

TSS profile plots with coverage analysis

Clustering analysis

Clustering and visualizing samples based on their differentially expressed genes, peaks, or other targets.

And more visualizations every day

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Pluto interactive plot

When you run an analysis in Pluto, you can visualize the results with different kinds of interactive plots, which can be customized for plot type and appearance. The additional power of these plots is that they can be embedded into other tools your team already uses!

Figure-making software that actually saves your team time

Beyond visualization

Leverage every result to its fullest potential

  • Tailor-made exports - customize colors, resize plots, position legend, and more to get your export perfect
  • Embed in presentations for live discussion - investigate outliers in real-time

Collaborate at the speed of discovery

  • Edit or view access to all the experiments you're analyzing
  • Securely share individual experiments or entire projects. Learn more about security  in Pluto

End-to-end accuracy & reproducibility

  • Run statistics
  • Iterate - copy plots or entire experiments to re-analyze and provenance will be tracked
  • Track analysis parameters used to create the plot

Consistency without any extra effort

  • Organization-branded color palettes for consistency in presentations
  • Single-source of truth for raw and processed data.
    • Wet lab biologists can run bioinformatics pipelines and generate plots immediately
    • Computational collaborators can fetch the same raw or analyzed plot data programmatically
  • Results stay up to date everywhere they're embedded (Smartsheet, Benchling, Colabra, Notion, and other 3rd party locations).
    View all the Pluto integrations here.

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