Multi-omics data analysis for everyone

Whether you're handling massive scRNA-seq data sets, or a handful of proteomics samples, Pluto makes it possible for everyone to analyze a wide variety of assays. Transform raw data into meaningful insight and publication-ready plots, with no coding required.

Sequencing-based assays

Store large, raw sequencing data files and transform them into biologically-meaningful results in your browser. Gain critical QC information, quantify targets within and across data sets, and run best-in-class computational biology analyses specific to each assay type.

Other high-throughput assays

Organize -omics and other data to easily search and compare targets of interest across experiments

  • Metabolomics
  • Proteomics
  • Microarray
  • Methyl arrays
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Low(er) throughput assays

Make the simplest experiments powerful with interactive, customizable figures and robust statistics

  • qPCR
  • Cytokine panels
  • Pharmacokinetics, inhibition and toxicity
  • Microscopy imaging
  • Mesoscale discovery assays
  • And more!

Automated NGS pipelines

Unlock unprecedented productivity with Pluto's configurable, automated cloud pipelines. Designed to handle a wide array of biological data, Pluto empowers your organization with instant access to reliable and transparent bioinformatics pipelines. Get started immediately without needing your own storage or compute infrastructure so scientists can focus on discovery, not data processing. If desired, you can also bring your own storage buckets for direct and user-friendly reading & writing in Pluto.

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Extensible beyond the browser-based GUI

In addition to our biologist-friendly user interface for running pipelines and analyses for a variety of assays, Pluto's platform is equipped with an API & SDKs, making it easy to integrate into your internal bioinformatics processes. Fetch data from Pluto, analyze it in advanced ways, and push your custom plots back to the canvas for team members to view and comment.

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Custom in-house pipeline support

Working with a specialized assay or proprietary analytical methods? Our out-of-the-box pipelines are flexible and reliable, but some R&D projects may have bespoke requirements. Pluto offers custom in-house pipeline support, allowing you to integrate your own analytical pipelines into our platform. Our US-based bioinformatics experts are can help with pipeline development, Dockerization, testing, and ensuring seamless integration with Pluto. Putting your custom pipeline in Pluto allows your biologists and other end-users to conduct analysis and visualization in a standardized environment, backed by the power of cloud computing and the convenience of our intuitive interface.

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