Map global binding sites with ChIP-seq and visualize results for histones, transcription factors, or any other protein of interest. The technique involving chromatin immunoprecipitation + sequencing (ChIP-seq) is used for analyzing protein interactions with DNA. Comparing how transcription factors and other chromatin-associated proteins like histone marks interact with DNA in different conditions provides valuable, epigenetic insights into mechanisms of disease, the effect of different treatments, & more. Cleavage Under Targets and Release Using Nuclease (CUT&RUN) is a newer technique for measuring DNA-protein interactions. Scientists working in oncology, immunology, drug discovery & other areas of research can use ChIP-seq or CUT&RUN to compare healthy and disease states to identify differentially binding and altered biological pathways to discover therapeutic targets.

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Analyzing protein-DNA interactions is intuitive with Pluto

Pluto is a cloud-based platform designed and tested by scientists specifically for managing, analyzing, & visualizing life sciences data like ChIPseq and CUT&RUN. With an elegant interface tailored to your lab’s experimental workflows, Pluto allows both wet lab researchers & bioinformaticists a simple and secure way to collaborate on data analysis and visualization.

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Visual data analysis

1. Upload raw data (e.g. FASTQ or BigWig files) or processed, tabular data. 2. Run automated ChIP-seq and CUT&RUN pipelines with customizable parameters. View quality control report and all analysis methods recorded for auditing & end-to-end reproducibility. 3. Ask scientifically relevant questions. 4. Share results securely within your internal team, external vendors & exec stakeholders

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Wet lab biologist friendly

Can a wet lab biologist with no coding experience analyze their own ChIP-seq experiment using Pluto? Yes! Scientists can run bioinformatics analyses like differential binding, peak analysis, motif analysis & more to create interactive plots without any code.

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Why ChIP-seq or CUT&RUN?

Faster time to insight

  • Hours instead of days
  • No need to wait days or weeks in a backlog

Fully leverage all of your data

  • Instant searchability
  • Stop searching cloud storage and hard drives

Bioinformatics pipelines

  • Automated
  • No-Coding Required
  • Eliminate the frustration managing & maintaining pipelines