We offer custom plans tailored to your organization's needs:

Academic / Start-up, for growing teams who need one place to analyze all of their data, securely.

Enterprise, for organizations ready to accelerate R&D, collaboration, and novel scientific discoveries at scale.

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Academic / Start-up

Built to grow

Store and organize data for all of your team's experiments (low-throughput assays & high-throughput -omics data)

Run bioinformatics analyses in minutes, with no coding required

Create and customize publication-ready figures and interactive visualizations

Share data securely and intuitively with wet lab and dry lab collaborators

Track projects by funding source and upcoming deadlines

Compare your results against Pluto's database of published experiments

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Tailored to your goals

All of Start-up, plus:

Make data-driven decisions with built-in analytics and tracking

Run complex bioinformatics pipelines without managing infrastructure

Integrate with your organization's SAML SSO for user management

Streamline secure data transfer between external vendors and partners

Accelerate in-house IP development with programmatic access to data and results

Reach milestones faster by integrating with your team's existing workflows (e.g. ELN, LIMS)

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