Pluto for Academia

Still emailing your colleagues Graphpad files & spreadsheets? There’s a faster way to collaborate on manuscripts.

Pluto is a cloud-based platform, designed and tested by scientists, for managing, analyzing, and visualizing life sciences data. With a flexible intuitive interface that puts hypothesis testing front and center, Pluto connects wet lab researchers and bioinformaticists, giving all collaborators a secure way to interact with experimental data, and generate consistent, beautiful, reproducible figures that allow you to prepare your manuscript in half the time.

Animation of creating plots in Pluto

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We believe in accelerating scientific discovery through:

Scientist-focused user experience

Use Pluto projects to plan out your next manuscript and keep all of your data and figures in one place.

Transform raw data into publication-quality figures in minutes

Explore your data with biologically meaningful comparisons to test your hypothesis.

Share results securely with collaborators

Pluto has three levels of access for collaborators, giving you flexibility and control over how your data are viewed.

Make and publish high-impact discoveries faster- unify your lab’s diverse research efforts in a single, easy to use and search platform.

Projects and Experiments all in one place

Organize projects and assign experiments to the right people to keep projects moving smoothly and meet manuscript deadlines

For academic principal investigators (PIs), store and be able to search all of your lab’s experimental results from a variety of assays in one place - as your lab grows, people will come and go, and when they leave you’ll lose access to that data if it isn’t stored in a single place owned by the lab

Organize your experiments
Quickly build plots and analyze your data

Analyze results and easily make plots

Customizable figures, color palettes - create favorite color palettes that can be reused across all figures so that your manuscript looks consistent

Bioinformatics scripts are no longer a blocker - run bioinformatics analyses with no coding required. You don’t have to wait on a bioinformatics core to take weeks to get back to you.

Collaborate, share, and export publication ready plots

Raw data to publication-ready figures - consider replacing “raw data” with FASTQ files since that’s the only real raw data we accept currently?

Fast and secure sharing of experiments with large raw data files - currently files are shared typically via mailing hard drives, connecting file transfer systems like Globus if you’re a large institution, or most often, there is one collaborator (bioinformatics core or person) that has all the files and processed data and all other collaborators are pestering that person for any follow-up analyses that need to be done

Publish plots ready for publication

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