Introducing Pluto

Hello world! After six foundational months of work, we are humbled and proud to announce the launch of our company: Pluto Biosciences, Inc.

At Pluto, we are building a platform to power the next generation of life sciences research.

Over decades of research, we’ve learned that biology does not happen in a vacuum. The human body is made up of trillions of cells, each containing inside of itself a vast network of genes, proteins, metabolites, and other molecules interacting every second of the day to keep us alive. Even a seemingly simple event - a paper cut or a single base pair change in our DNA - can send a cascade of changes rippling through this dynamic system. Appreciating these intricate connections has allowed us to pinpoint the cause of more diseases, design more advanced therapies, and bring humanity closer to having personalized medicine.

Likewise, the research enabling these life-changing discoveries doesn't happen in isolation. Discovering something truly new requires looking at the broader context, across prior research and even across disciplines. Advancing our understanding of each patient’s health, the fundamental building blocks of biology, and everything in between requires collaboration. This is an enormous challenge still facing scientists globally, one that the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted and still remains an urgent need.

With Pluto, we’re creating a collaborative platform for life sciences research to directly address both of these challenges.

We’re making computational biology and bioinformatics, the techniques used to analyze those complex biological systems, accessible to researchers from any background and experience level. By empowering labs to produce high-quality results in a fraction of the current time, Pluto is enabling new discoveries in life sciences to happen faster.

We’re also streamlining the interdisciplinary collaboration that’s required to translate those discoveries into actionable insight, so that researchers can use those new discoveries to make an impact in our lives. With Pluto, data and results can be shared easily and securely between collaborators. Once finalized, results can be made fully public in a format that’s searchable, end-to-end reproducible, and accessible to any researcher around the world.

We believe that Pluto will completely change the way we make new scientific discoveries.

This passion has brought together our uniquely innovative and hardworking team of scientists, designers, and software developers based in Denver, Colorado.

This is just the beginning of our journey, and we can’t wait to show you what we have planned! Please contact us any time - we’d love your input.


The Pluto team

Rani Powers + Daniel Shin + Laura Hudish + Katie Blackman + Neil Poulin + MacKenzie Demmel