Founded in 2020 and headquartered in beautiful Denver, CO, Pluto is a collaborative life sciences platform re-envisioning scientific research from the ground up. Built for life science organizations of all sizes and industries, Pluto delivers a visually elegant platform that allows you to manage multiple programs, track key results and biomarkers, and share data securely. Intuitively store, search, analyze, and visualize complex biological data (including large, raw data files) and run bioinformatics pipelines in a few clicks without needing to write code or manage any of your own cloud infrastructure.

Plus, with our Scientific Insights team available to perform expert, custom bioinformatics analyses for your projects, Pluto is the fastest way to hit all of your milestones.

Our mission is to accelerate scientific discovery with:

Scientist-focused user experience

Every experience is created with our users — R&D scientists, team leads, program managers — in mind. Pluto offers the flexibility to customize your Lab Space to your organization’s unique needs and goals.

Intuitive data & results management

Say goodbye to unweildy spreadsheets and searching through slides. With Pluto, every member of your team can manage data sets, perform interactive analyses, track comments, and share results securely.

Reproducible bioinformatics analysis

Run pipelines easily from your browser, or access the data programmatically to fuel your own apps and scripts. Pluto tracks change history for end-to-end traceability into how results were generated.

Meet the team

Rani Powers, PhD on LinkedIn

Rani Powers, PhD

Founder & CEO

Jim Hanifen on LinkedIn

Jim Hanifen

Head of Product

Travis Daugherty on LinkedIn

Travis Daugherty

Head of Customer Experience

Daniel Shin on LinkedIn

Daniel Shin

Founding Engineer

Caitlin Winkler, PhD on LinkedIn

Caitlin Winkler, PhD

Senior Solutions Scientist

Nick Brown on LinkedIn

Nick Brown

Software Engineer

João Antunes on LinkedIn

João Antunes

Software Engineer

Tiffany Tran on LinkedIn

Tiffany Tran

Software Engineer

Andrew Goodspeed, PhD on LinkedIn

Andrew Goodspeed, PhD

Bioinformatics Scientist

Tonya Brunetti, PhD on LinkedIn

Tonya Brunetti, PhD

Bioinformatics Scientist

Joelle Lo on LinkedIn

Joelle Lo

Scientific Customer Success

Ready to accelerate new discoveries at your company? Unlock your full R&D potential with Pluto.