Announcing Pluto Bio's new look

Pluto Bio is elevating modern bioinformatics with a new brand

Today, we're proud to reveal an updated brand design and marketing site that embodies our commitment to pioneering intuitive experiences that increase the accuracy, efficiency, and quality of bioinformatics in drug discovery.

Pluto partnered with the creative team at Matic Digital to build a design system that can dynamically scale across their current digital marketing channels and future initiatives. Pluto’s new brand represents accelerated innovation in life sciences from emerging biotechs to enterprise pharmaceutical companies.

The new branding features:

New logo & mark


  • Inspired by a DNA double helix, the new Pluto brand logo also captures the interdisciplinary relationships linking biologists and bioinformaticians to Pluto’s products and services and the broader biotech community.

  • The new logo incorporates a customized variation of Open Sans with rounded edges to complement Pluto’s commitment to inclusivity, accessibility, and collaboration.

Refined typography


  • Pluto’s new brand elevates their use of Open Sans, a humanist sans serif typeface with an upright stress and an inviting, open appearance, with clearly defined type styles and hierarchies that dynamically adapt to any print or digital interface.

New color palette

  • Pluto’s updated color palette captures the brand’s foundation as a modern SaaS solution founded and led by computational biologist and CEO Dr. Rani Powers, and celebrates the women advancing scientific research, discovery, and innovation.

Brand illustrations


  • The brand design expands with symbols and animations that illustrate the connection between life sciences, data, visualization, and discovery that fuel Pluto’s mission and vision.

Intuitive, modern bioinformatics

"We are at an exciting time in the evolution of bioinformatics, where user-friendliness and secure collaboration are more important than ever to scientific discovery. Our vision is to empower scientists by fostering innovation with a more intuitive and accessible canvas for communicating science. At Pluto, we're not just embracing the future of bioinformatics; but actively shaping it."

I'm incredibly proud of what we've built at Pluto and even more excited about where we're headed next. Matic Digital has been a true partner in helping us deliver the elevated new experience we envisioned. This rebranding isn't just about a new look; it's a reaffirmation of our promise to deliver exceptional value and transformative tools to our customers.”

— Rani Powers, PhD, CEO, Pluto Bio

Experience the updated brand and discover how Pluto Bio is elevating scientific analysis, visualization, and discovery at

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