Pluto awarded High Performer in G2 Grid Report for Pharma & Biotech - Fall 2023

The G2 Grid® Reports for Fall 2023 are live and we’re thrilled to announce that Pluto was awarded the High Performer badge in the Best Pharma & Biotech Software report. Reviews on G2 are generated from feedback from real users based on criteria relating to user experience, setup, support, and more. G2 reviewers also provide ratings for Pharma and Biotech software features and capabilities based on market needs and trends.

We're proud to see Pluto making its first appearance in G2 among industry leaders like Veeva and Scilife, and we're grateful to all of our amazing clients who shared their candid reviews!

Here are a few of our favorite quotes from reviews submitted this Fall that, we believe, help capture the spirit of what we're building at Pluto:

"Great platform for biologists and informaticians with minimal hands on time"

One of the most frequent things we hear from users is how much time they are saving with Pluto. Whether you are working on early research and discovery, translational findings into the clinic, or bringing a new drug to market, time is absolutely critical.

"The most helpful part of Pluto is the methods section that comes with each figure. It was so easy to write the manuscript when every figure has exactly what was done to make it."

This is another great shout-out for time savings, but captures another important point too: bioinformatics analysis should be both reproducible and educational. The scientists who use Pluto have a wide variety of backgrounds, and a wide range of computational and wet lab skills. We built Pluto to empower all members of your team with powerful bioinformatics and automatic methods tracking.

"Pluto allows collaboration across teams. It is very helpful to have all data pertaining to a certain sample visualised in one place."

This is a key area that Pluto differentiates itself now, and one where we will continue to grow as Pluto continues to play an essential role in the modern biotech biotech discovery tech stack. Great science does not happen in a vacuum; accelerating feedback accelerates discovery.


Our Focus Areas

  1. Usability: We envision a modern scientific platform that is user-friendly, intuitive, and demystifies computational research for all. Our dedicated team is ceaselessly innovating to meld complex problems with elegant solutions, guided by contemporary UX design principles.

  2. Cloud-Scaled Workflows: We mitigate the traditional hurdles of computational pipelines, freeing your team to immerse in scientific exploration sans the usual technical encumbrances.

  3. Integrated Ecosystem: Our ethos recognizes that science is a team sport and thrives in a collaborative milieu. With strategic integrations like Benchling and more, we’re weaving Pluto into the fabric of the discovery SaaS ecosystem. Discover more about our integrations to see how our platform fits into your team's workflows.

  4. Partnerships: Beyond offering an intuitive, discovery-focused platform, we extend our hand in partnership to enrich the platform’s capabilities, valuing an ongoing dialogue with our customers to continually refine our solutions.

We love hearing from our users and we would love to hear more about your challenges and where we can help you.

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