Pluto Biosciences Launches Cloud-based Collaborative Life Sciences Platform for Academia Biotech and Pharma Organizations

Pluto’s interdisciplinary team leverages 30 combined years of software startup experience and 10 years of research experience to change the way scientific discoveries are made.

AUGUST 18, 2021 -- DENVER, CO/BOSTON, MA -- Pluto Biosciences, a biotech software startup, launched its cloud-based, collaborative life sciences platform that leverages technology developed at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University. The Pluto platform simplifies secure, collaborative data sharing and bioinformatics analysis for academic, biotech, and pharmaceutical organizations.

The Pluto platform was built to be a comprehensive digital lab space for life sciences teams of all sizes, enabling them to perform research more efficiently while reducing the need for multiple digital communication and project management tools to make scientific discoveries. The features it touts include:

Intuitive Interface and Robust Bioinformatics Pluto’s intuitive, browser-based interface allows users to upload raw data from a wide variety of biological assays, including genomics, transcriptomics, and other “-omics” data, in addition to data from lower-throughput experiments, imaging studies, and more. Pluto analyzes these experiments and delivers interactive, customizable, high-quality plots with no coding necessary. Computationally-savvy users can also read data from Pluto programmatically, enabling them to perform any of their own bioinformatics analyses from a single source of truth.

Simplified Sharing and Collaboration Functionality Raw data, experimental results, accompanying protocols, and other relevant files can be shared easily and securely among collaborators. Once finalized, results can be published in a format that is searchable, end-to-end reproducible, and accessible to any researcher in the world. Labs can also compare their results with the latest published research. Pluto plans to release its collection of more than 10,000 public experiments to users for free by the end of September.

Project Management to Expedite Discoveries With a lab's experiments organized in Pluto, the platform allows researchers to assign tasks to other team members and also tracks and reports lab productivity by project or program so that research teams can make data-driven decisions to hit upcoming milestones. These features empower teams to run projects efficiently and test more hypotheses to make new discoveries faster than ever before.

"Our interdisciplinary team developed Pluto to streamline the aspects of scientific collaboration and biological data analysis that are especially challenging, but that are critical when researching complex problems in life sciences, by creating a platform that brings together collaborators with different areas of expertise," said Rani Powers, Ph.D, the Founder and CEO of Pluto Biosciences. "We are grateful to the Wyss Institute for their support, thought-leadership, and innovation in this area. Together, we’re proud to bring Pluto to market with the mission of significantly impacting the speed at which new discoveries can be made."

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About Pluto Biosciences Pluto Biosciences developed the Pluto platform to empower life sciences organizations to accelerate their research with their own comprehensive, digital lab space. Its secure, collaborative data management and analysis features make bioinformatics more accessible and enable teams to make scientific discoveries faster than ever before.

Pluto Biosciences licenses technology from the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University. Founder and CEO Rani Powers, Ph.D leveraged her experience as a molecular and computational biologist and software developer as inspiration for the company and its cloud-based life sciences platform. For more information, please visit

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