Pluto announces $3.7M seed round, led by Silverton Partners

Today, we're thrilled to announce the closing of a $3.7 million seed round, led by Silverton Partners, to revolutionize biological data interpretation and accelerate life sciences discoveries for even more scientific teams around the world.

Pluto's web-based, computational biology platform is designed to empower researchers to analyze, visualize, and intuitively interpret high-dimensional biological data. This investment will fuel the expansion of Pluto's innovative platform, which gives scientific teams a comprehensive, online home for managing biological data, as well as an industry-first, interactive canvas for analyzing and visualizing data using computational biology.

Since Pluto's launch in 2021 from the Wyss Institute at Harvard University, we have partnered with life sciences organizations of various sizes and domains in the US and UK, ranging from small academic labs and to public biopharma companies. Our mission remains the same: to create an intuitive, biology-focused experience for bioinformatics and data visualization so that biologists can focus on making groundbreaking discoveries and presenting them for maximum impact.

Dr. Rani Powers, CEO and Founder at Pluto, believes that with Silverton Partners' support, we will accelerate Pluto's growth and reach more organizations in the life sciences industry. Our goal is to transform the way you conduct research by breaking down obstacles that have traditionally hindered the widespread use of computational biology.

Silverton Partners, known for investing in early-stage ventures tackling growth markets and building lasting companies, shares our confidence in Pluto's potential for long-term growth. Their investment underscores their belief in our innovative product and its ability to address the real needs currently slowing the pace of discovery in the life sciences industry.

We're committed to supporting research across a growing number of biological applications, from preclinical and translational science research to cell and gene therapies, drug discovery and development, and clinical research. With this funding, Pluto will further build out the product and go-to-market teams and develop advanced product features to better serve its clients in academia, biotech, and pharma.

We look forward to reimagining the scientific research process and unlocking new discoveries with you! For more information about Pluto, please visit our website at or reach out to us.