Bulk RNA-seq

Analyze gene expression at a genome-wide scale to uncover differential expression, altered regulatory pathways, transcriptional networks, and individual biomarkers and targets. Bulk RNA sequencing (bulk RNA-seq) offers a powerful approach to analyzing the transcriptome of complex samples, providing insights into the gene expression profiles of whole tissues or cell populations. This technique is invaluable for understanding the biological context of various states, such as disease vs. healthy conditions, and identifying key genes and pathways involved in specific processes. Pluto Bio enhances bulk RNA-seq data analysis with scalable, efficient, and user-friendly tools, supporting researchers in their quest for comprehensive biological understanding.

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Streamline your bulk RNA-seq analysis with Pluto

Pluto provides a comprehensive solution for bulk RNA-seq data analysis. Our platform supports the entire workflow from data preprocessing to differential gene expression analysis, making it easier for researchers to uncover biological insights from complex datasets. By simplifying the analysis process, Pluto enables scientists to focus more on their research questions and less on the technicalities of data analysis.

Harness the power of gene expression analysis

With our intuitive platform, gain deep insights into the gene expression profiles of your samples. Pluto Bio's tools facilitate the exploration of gene expression across different conditions, treatments, or time points, helping to advance your research in fields such as oncology, immunology, and developmental biology.

Accessible analytics for groundbreaking discoveries

Pluto democratizes access to advanced bioinformatics tools, allowing researchers with varied expertise levels to perform bulk RNA-seq analysis. Whether you are looking to identify biomarkers, study disease mechanisms, or explore the effects of drug treatments, our platform equips you with the necessary tools to achieve your research goals.

Why Bulk RNA-seq?

Comprehensive expression profiling

  • Global gene expression analysis
  • Identify key regulatory genes and pathways

Simplified data analysis

  • User-friendly tools for gene expression analysis
  • No advanced bioinformatics skills required

Scalable data handling

  • Efficiently manage large datasets
  • Cloud-based infrastructure for high-performance computing needs