Pluto Product Update - June 2023

Summer is here and we're focused on visualization and collaboration. Here's the latest new Pluto feature run-down✨

Create plot share links with private or public view settings

Share your results instantly: one link, endless possibilities

With public share links, you can embed your interactive Pluto plots anywhere, without requiring the viewer to have a Pluto account.

  • Embed plots in your research blog or on your lab website
  • Send colleagues a link to the data that stays live and up to date as you iterate on the analysis parameters and appearance
  • Post your newest results straight to LinkedIn, Twitter, Mastodon.

Here's a live example!

Note: Security is paramount in Pluto. This feature can be enabled or disabled by organization admins to ensure compliance with your team's policies. Learn more.


Sync results to Benchling

Accelerate workflows by syncing interactive Pluto visualizations to the Benchling R&D Cloud

Introducing an entirely new way to capture, standardize, and centralize R&D data and downstream results.

  • Analyze large, biological data sets and create publication-ready plots in Pluto
  • Sync interactive plots, tabular results, and QC reports to Benchling to maintain a connected, single source of truth


Learn more about Pluto + Benchling integration or contact us for personalized demo.

New analysis and visualization type: Clustergrams

Perform clustering analysis and visualize the results on a heatmap

A customer-requested feature, clustered heatmaps are now available in Pluto for clustering and visualizing samples based on their differentially expressed genes, peaks, or other targets.


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