Real-time collaboration with comments and notes

When working with collaborators on an experiment or individual plot, you can now leave a comment. Comments are useful for tracking information from different collaborators; for example, a biologist may notice artifacts in one of their plots and leave a comment for the team’s bioinformaticist to take a deeper look at some data for a potential batch effect. You can reply to colleagues’ comments to keep conversations in threads.

Another important aspect of research is keeping a record of your thought process, overall findings, and biological interpretation. In Pluto, you can use notes to store these kinds of highlights in an easily findable way.


In the conversation sidebar in Pluto, you can easily filter comments and notes by the experiment or plot they pertain to.


A concluding note from Pluto's Head of Product

At Pluto, we are deeply committed to the advancement of scientific collaboration. We understand that groundbreaking research and innovation are rarely the result of solitary effort; rather, they emerge from the synergistic exchange of ideas and knowledge among diverse minds. This belief is at the heart of our mission to create a platform that not only supports but also enhances this collaborative process. By leveraging the power of cloud technology, we are able to integrate familiar, intuitive features from everyday collaborative applications, ensuring a seamless and productive experience for all users. Whether it's through real-time comments, organized notes, or comprehensive data sharing, our platform is designed to foster a dynamic and interconnected scientific community, transcending traditional barriers to communication and collaboration. In this way, we are not just facilitating scientific work at Pluto; we are actively shaping the future of how scientific collaborations unfold in the digital age.