Pluto product update - Spring 2024

New in Pluto: PPI networks, biomarkers & targets, notesbooks, and more

We're starting this month's update with everybody's favorite reason to explore data in Pluto, new graphs!

  • Protein-protein interaction networks - query the STRING database to visualization inferred or annotated relationships between genes/proteins

  • Sample correlation analysis - investigate sample similarity on a sample-by-sample heatmap

  • Functional annotations analysis - summarize proportions of genomic regions annotated to different functions using pie charts and stacked barcharts

  • Spreadsheets - display supplemental information in spreadsheets alongside any of your native graphs on the Pluto canvas


Biomarkers & targets


With the newly launched biomarker & target list management features in Pluto, your team can manage custom gene & protein lists and overlay them on your experimental data. When a target comes up in an analysis, tag it as experimental evidence. Track internal knowledge & relevant published literature about your targets, all in one place.

Experiment notebooks


Maintaining descriptive notes about your study doesn't have to be complicated. Keep it simple and to the point with the Notebook section in Pluto, or use AI-generated summaries to save even more time. Your future self (and your colleagues!) will thank you. P.S. Already using an ELN? Use the custom link field in Pluto to seamlessly traverse between data & entries.

More plot customization options


We love hearing from everyone in the Pluto community creating figures for their presentations and posters. This month, we released a highly-requested update enabling you to change the font, size, and color of plot titles and axis labels. Using Pluto in an upcoming poster or manuscript? Tag us on social media or shoot us an email so we can feature your work!

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