Your home for scientific productivity: embedded apps

Happy New Year from Pluto!

We're continuing to focus on accelerating collaboration in 2024, and we've heard stories from many teams about having to look for their biology tools in disparate locations. In the life sciences industry, teams are constantly innovating when it comes to creating online databases, building Shiny apps, and incorporating project management and other workflow tools into their process.

To ensure that teams are able to maximize their efficient use of productivity platforms, as well as in-house apps and tools, we've launched embedded apps in Pluto. With this functionality, you can create a single home for your team's scientific collaboration tailored to your unique work process.


Some cool examples that we've seen starting to be used include:

  • Shiny apps (bioinformatics teams love them!)
  • Jupyter notebooks (easily share & run code)
  • Tableau dashboards
  • Airtable tables
  • Project management dashboards (JIRA, Asana, etc)
  • And many more!

Learn more and see more examples of embedded apps in Pluto.

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