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Run computational biology analyses

Organize and query biological data

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Collaborate on discoveries, and use them everywhere

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From raw data to publication-ready plots in minutes, not weeks

Turn every experiment into immediate insight. Upload raw files and build interactive, customizable, high-resolution plots. Pluto supports high-throughput and low-throughput assays, from RNA-seq to ELISA, and everything in between. See all experiment types

Test your hypotheses faster

Pluto empowers any scientist to run powerful bioinformatics analyses, right in your browser. Writing your own scripts? You can also fetch results via the Pluto API for an even deeper exploration.

Securely share results with collaborators & vendors

You're in control of your data and results. Share experiments privately while working on new discoveries. Streamline how you receive data from vendors (no more files sent by email).

Data privacy & security in Pluto

Compare your results to the latest published research

Get preliminary data for your next project now, without running costly experiments.

Analyze thousands of published experiments to uncover new findings relevant to your research.

Can’t find the experiment you’re looking for?

Ask us for it. We’ll make it available on Pluto.

No one wants to spend hours figuring out how to analyze data from GEO.

Measure your team's productivity, automatically

Track and report your progress in real-time. Pluto’s R&D project analytics give you the power to make data-driven decisions to hit your next milestone. See it in action

Pluto brings together beautiful design & secure, cloud-based software to create the most intuitive science platform yet.

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