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GSE156515: Profiling the mRNA pattern in B3GALT5 knockout hESCs cultured in basal and 2iLAF media

Bulk RNA sequencing

We analyzed the RNA expression pattern in B3GALT5-Knockout H9 cells (B3GALT5-KO) relative to wild type H9 cells (WT) by RNA-seq. Collectively, our results reveal that B3GALT5-Knockout cells cultured in 2iLAF condition represent nave-specific characteristics as well as WT cells convert to nave state in 5iLAF condition. These findings support that loss of B3GALT5 which result in depletion of primed-specific GSLs not only do not have influence on maintain pluripotency and ability to specific lineage differentiation but also could promotes naive pluripotency generation in hESCs. SOURCE: Ruey-Jen Lin ( - Chang Gung Memorial hospital

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