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GSE156454: Breast Cancer Stem Cells Regulated Phenotypic Equilibrium Drives Tamoxifen Resistance

Bulk RNA sequencing

Breast cancers consist of heterogeneous cellular subpopulations that differ in molecular properties and functional attributes. Cancer cells display phenotypic equilibrium between the stem-like and differentiated states during neoplastic homeostasis. The mechanism and functional implications of the subpopulation equilibrium in cancer progression remain largely unknown. Herein, we report that BCSCs secretome conditioned bulk tumor cells developed resistance to anti-endocrine therapy both in vitro and in vivo. IL8 was significantly enriched in BCSCs secretome and blockade of IL8 signaling reversed the tamoxifen resistance induced by BCSCs. The enhanced Wnt/-catenin signal simultaneously increased the secretion of IL8 in BCSCs, which leads to the seemingly contradictory behaviors of bulk tumor cells. Collectively, our study characterizes the paracrine effects and identifies key molecules secreted by BCSCs, which may become therapeutic vulnerabilities to overcome tamoxifen resistance. SOURCE: Mingming Wu ( - University of Science and Technology of China

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