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GSE156306: Embryonic erythropoiesis and hemoglobin switching require transcriptional repressor ETO2 to modulate chromatin accessibility and looping [RNA-Seq 2]

Bulk RNA sequencing

During the human cord blood CD34+ cell differentiation, expression of the genes which contribute to erycyte maturation are increased, inculding ALAS2, SLC25A37, GYPA and KLF1. ETO2 functions as a transcription repressor and is required for the erythrocyte maturation and the hemoglobin switch. During mouse embryonic erythropoiesis, RNA-seq data in E8.5 yolk sac /E12.5, E14.5 fetal liver cells indicated that eto2 promoted a critical developmental transition and played an important role in globin switch from embryonic to adult -globin transcription since its function is essential for erythorid maturation regulators (Alas2,Slc25a37,Epb42,Gypc,Klf1) and globin genes (Hbb-y and Hba-x) regulation. SOURCE: Xiang Guo ( - LCDB NIH

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