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GSE150420: Transcriptomic differences between mouse tumor-infiltrating and splenic regulatory T cells with or without Treg-specific loss of CD177

Bulk RNA sequencing

The goal of this study was to identify transcriptomic differences between splenic regulatory T cells and tumor-infiltrating regualtory T cells with or without Treg-specific loss of CD177.; Methods: MC38 tumors from CD177flox/flox/FOXP3-CreYFP and CD177flox/flox C57Bl/6 mice were ezymatically dissocaited and a single cell suspension was obtained. Spleens from the same mice were collected and single cell suspension was obtained by mechanical dissociation. Regulatory T cells, identified as CD45+ CD4+ CD25hi GITR+, were isolated by flourenscence activated cell sorting. RNA from the regualtory T cell populations were isolated and libraries were generated using the NextSeq500 system. Samples were aligned using Kallisto pseudoalignment protocol and the mm19 mouse genome. Counts were processed and aggregated by gene symbol using the sleuth R package.; Results: The pro-survival gene Bcl2l1 is selectivley upregulated in tumor-infiltratign regulatory T cells compared to splenic T cells SOURCE: Weizhou Zhang ( - University of Florida

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