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GSE142131: Genome wide RNA-sequencing of human pluripotent stem-cell derived endothelial cells 48h after transduction with adenoviruses expressing either empty vector of different combination of transcription factors

Bulk RNA sequencing

To induce barrier of stem-cell derived endothelial cells in vitro cells have been transduced with a mixture of adenovirus overexpressing transcription factors with potential role in endothelial cell barrier stabilization. Adenoviruses overexpressing ETS1, SOX18 and SOX7 have been part of both transcription factor mixtures. As fourth transcription factor in the mixture included TAL1 while the other mixture included LEF1. Each transcription factor was used at 20 MOI. As control adenovirus overexpressing empty vectors has been used (80 MOI). SOURCE: Roland Schmucki ( - F. Hoffmann - La Roche AG

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