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GSE155775: Human Keratinocyte Response to Superantigens

Bulk RNA sequencing

Purpose: The goal of this study was to determine what genes and canonical pathways are altered by exposure of human keratinocytes to S. aureus superantigens TSST-1 or SEB; Methods: Primary human keratinocytes were treated with 100 ug purified TSST-1, SEB, or vehicle for 6 hours. RNA was extracted with Trizol, DNase treated, and purifed using a Qiagen column. RNAseq was used to assess gene expression. Bioinformatic analyses were used to determing differential gene expression between superantigen treated cells and controls. Validition of cytokine increases was performed using ELISAs. SOURCE: Aloysius,John,Klingelhutz ( - Klingelhutz Lab University of Iowa

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