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GSE140308: GH induces IL-17A in human podocytes

Bulk RNA sequencing

The growth hormone plays a significant role in normal renal function and overactive growth hormone signaling has been implicated in proteinuria in diabetes. Earlier studies from our group have shown that the glomerular podocytes, which play an essential role in renal filtration, express the growth hormone receptor, suggesting the direct action of growth hormone on these cells. Nevertheless, the precise mechanism and the downstream pathways that are induced by the excess growth hormone in these podocytes leading to diabetic nephropathy are not clearly established. To compressively understand the growth hormones effect on podocytes at transcript level we performed RNA-Sequencing. Conditionally immortalized human podocytes were employed in this study. SOURCE: Anil,Kumar,Pasupulati ( - Lab No F73 School of life sciences University of Hyderabad

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