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GSE140200: Effects of TRIM59 on Raw 264.7 macrophage gene expression

Bulk RNA sequencing

Macrophages have many functions, such as acting as phagocytic pathogens, antigen presentation and playing a key role in immune response. Tripartite motif containing 59 (TRIM59) protein is highly expressed in a variety of tumor cells and regulates the proliferation of tumor cells as well as their innate immune response. Recent studies have shown that the expression of TRIM59 was differentially expressed under different stimuli of activated macrophages, however, the effects of TRIM59 on macrophage gene expression profiles are still unknown. In our study, we constructed RAW 264.7 macrophages with high and low expression of TRIM59, and used transcriptome sequencing to identify the effects of TRIM59 on macrophage gene expression profiles. Results showed that TRIM59 affected an abundant number of genes, and may affect phagocytosis and cell cycles. SOURCE: Zheng Jin ( - Jilin University

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