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GSE140047: Overexpression of FOXL2 altered uterine structures and functions

Bulk RNA sequencing

Pgrcre/+Foxl2LsL/+ mice showed absence of corpus luteum in the ovary, thus the mice were infertile and continuously at diestrus stage with very thin uterus. Multiple uterine defects were observed. The gland number and penetratioin to the stroma were decreased, and the epithelial stratification and the collagen deposition in the stroma were increased. The whole uterus were collected from 12 weeks old control and mutant mice at diestrus stage for RNA-sequencing. In total, 3515 genes were differentially expressed, with 1746 upregulated and 1769 genes downregulated in the mutant mice. Pathways related to extracellular matrix, gland formation, cell proliferation were altered. The muntant mice transcriptomic changes was significantly postively correlated with the human endometriosis transcrptomic changes. SOURCE: Francesco,J,DeMayo National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

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