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GSE139960: Wnt/-catenin activation epigenetically reprograms Regulatory T cells in IBD and progression to dysplasia

Bulk RNA sequencing

Previous work indicated that -catenin/TCF-1 occupy DNA together with Foxp3. Thus, we anticipated that precise mapping of TCF-1 and Foxp3 co-binding in Tregs, could provide a molecular explanation for our phenotypic observations. To address this, we analyzed TCF-1 DNA binding in Tregs through chromatin immunoprecipitation and deep sequencing (ChIPseq) in Foxp3YFP-Cre WT Tregs. Furthermore, we assessed regions of accessible chromatin in Tregs via transposase-accessible chromatin approach and deep sequencing (ATAC-seq). We also performed RNA-seq expression profiling to investigate how the changes in chromatin accessibility impacted transcription in -catenin high Tregs. SOURCE: Fotini Gounari ( - Fotini Gounari University of Chicago

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