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GSE139914: The genomic underpinnings of oscillatory biomarkers supporting successful memory encoding in humans

Bulk RNA sequencing

Brain oscillations are remarkable components of brain activity that support memory encoding. However, it remains a major challenge to determine the molecular mechanisms underlining this activity in humans. Here, we used direct intracranial electroencephalography recordings from patients performing free recall tasks of verbal memory encoding in temporal cortex. Using resected tissue transcriptomics from the same patients, we linked gene expression with brain oscillations, identifying genes correlated with oscillatory signatures of memory formation across six frequency bands. Co-expression analysis isolated biomarker-specific modules associated with neuropsychiatric disorders as well as ion channel activity. Using single-nuclei transcriptomic data from resected tissue, we further revealed that biomarker-specific modules are enriched for both excitatory and inhibitory neurons. This unprecedented dataset of patient-specific brain oscillations coupled to genomics unlocks new insights into the genetic mechanisms that support memory encoding. By linking brain expression of these genes to oscillatory patterns, our data help overcome limitations of phenotypic methods to uncover genetic links to memory performance. SOURCE: Genevieve Konopka ( - UT Southwestern Medical Center

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