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GSE136993: GM-CSF-transduced proliferating myeloid cells represent cell cycle related gene signature

Bulk RNA sequencing

We previously established a method to generate myeloid lineage cells with proliferation capacity from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) (Zhang R. Cancer Immunol Res. 3: 668, 2015). In this study, we generated the GM-CSF-producing cells by genetic engineering of mouse iPSC-derived proliferation myeloid cells (iPSC-pMCs). Gene expression profiles revealed GM-CSF-transduced iPSC-pMCs (GM-pMCs) generated from C57BL/6 mice and 129Sv mice shared 180 up-regulated genes and 236 down-regulated genes compared with their corresponding iPSC-pMCs. Gene ontology analysis showed that the up-regulated gene signature shared by C57BL/6 GM-pMCs and 129Sv GM-pMCs was enriched for transcripts associate with cell cycle, cell cycle process, mitotic cell cycle and regulation of mitotic cell cycle. SOURCE: Minaho Kawamura Rhelixa.Inc

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