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GSE151484: Soluble RARRES1 induces podocyte apoptosis to promote glomerular disease progression

Bulk RNA sequencing

We try to explore the effect of RARRES1 on human podocyte, so we performed RARRES1 overexpression and knockdown experiments. cell mRNA profiles of human human podocyte cell lines transfected with RARRES1 overexpression vectors orcontrol vectors; and cells transfected with RARRES1 shRNA lentivirus or scramble shRNA lentivirus and stimulated with TNFa (10ng/ml) or without TNFa for 24 hours were generated by deep sequencing, in triplicate, using Illumina GAIIx. The sequence reads that passed quality filters were analyzed at the transcript. We found that most differentially expressed genes (DEGs) are enriched with cell migration and apoptosis-related pathways, also DEGs stimulated by TNF but suppressed by RARRES1 knockdown, were also enriched with cell cycle-related pathways.These data suggest that RARRES1 plays a key role in the regulation of cell cycle and apoptosis, consistent with its role as a tumor suppressor gene. SOURCE: Chengguo Wei Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

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