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GSE144484: MLLT6 maintains PDL1 expression and mediates tumor immune resistance

Bulk RNA sequencing

We present a CRISPR-Cas9 screen in human cancer cells to identify genes that confers tumors with the ability to evade the cytotoxic effects of the immune system. We discovered that the transcriptional regulator MLLT6 (AF17) is required for PD-L1 cell surface presentation and protein expression in multiple cancer types and MLLT6 depletion alleviates suppression of CD8+ cytotoxic T cell-mediated cytolysis. Furthermore, cancer cells lacking MLLT6 exhibit impaired STAT1 signaling and are insensitive to interferon gamma induced stimulation of IDO1, GBP5, CD74 and MHC class II genes, while maintaining MHC class I gene expression. Collectively, our findings establish MLLT6 as a regulator of oncogenic and interferon gamma associated immune resistance SOURCE: Maciej Paszkowski-RogaczMedical Systems Biology (Prof. Buchholz) Technische Universit├Ąt Dresden

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