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GSE133251: The effect of YAP/TAZ on the expression of the heat shock transcriptome

Bulk RNA sequencing

We found that heat stress induces a strong and rapid YAP dephosphorylation and activation. To determin what is the physiological functions of YAP in response to heat stress, we performed RNA-SEQ analysis on siCon and siYAP/TAZ knockdown tumor cells with or without heat shock. Results indicated that 95% of heat inducible genes is blocked (83% completely and 12% partially) by YAP/TAZ knockdown in the B16-OVA melanoma cells whereas only 5% of heat inducible genes were unaffected, supporting a previously unrecognized prominent role of YAP/TAZ in the expression of the heat shock transcriptome and cell survival. SOURCE: Min Luo ( - SICHUAN UNIVERSITY

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