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GSE144559: Total RNA Sequencing of control and huntington's disease iPSC-derived medium spiny neuron-like cells

Bulk RNA sequencing

HD and control patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells were used to generate medium spiny neuron (MSN)-like cells. Three control in triplicate, one control in duplicate, one HD samples with CAG repeat length in typical adult onset range in triplicate and one in duplicate, and five HD samples with CAG repeat length in typical juvenile onset range in triplicate were differentiated as biological growth replicate (separate differentiations) into medium spiny neuron-like cells. Total RNA was isolated using the Qiagen RNeasy Kit and QIAshredders for cell lysis. 1 g of RNA with RIN values >9 were used for library preparation using the strand specific Illumina TruSeq Total RNA protocol. Libraries were sequenced on the HiSeq 2500 using 100 cycles to obtain paired-end 100 reads at >50M reads per sample. SOURCE: Ryan,Gar-Lok,Lim ( - Thompson UC Irvine

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