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GSE98287: Manipulation of the gut microbiome as a strategy to treat the osteoarthritis of obesity

Bulk RNA sequencing

Obesity is a risk factor for Osteoarthritis (OA), the greatest cause of disability in the US. The impact of obesity on OA is driven by systemic inflammation, now understood to be caused by an altered gut microbiome. Oligofructose, a non-digestible prebiotic fiber, can correct the obese gut microbiome, suggesting a novel approach to treat the OA of obesity. Here we report that in the obese murine gut, beneficial Bifidobacteria are lost while key proinflammatory species gain in abundance. A downstream systemic inflammatory signature culminates with accelerated knee OA. Oligofructose supplementation corrects the obese gut microbiome in part by supporting key commensal microflora, particularly Bifidobacterium pseudolongum. This leads to reduced inflammation in the colon, circulation and knee, and protection from OA. This novel recognition of a gut microbiome-OA connection sets the stage for discovery of new OA therapeutics targeting specific microbes inhabiting the intestinal space to inhibit disease pathology. SOURCE: Jacquelyn,A,Lillis ( - University of Rochester

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