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GSE101112: Whole transcriptome analysis of brain hippocampal tissue from SAMP8 mice and rat primary neurons treated with the Alzheimer's disease drug candidates CMS121 and J147

Bulk RNA sequencing

Alzheimer's disease (AD) drug discovery has rarely been addressed in the context of aging even though sporadic AD accounts for 99% of the cases. Phenotypic screens based upon old age-associated brain toxicities were used to develop the potent AD drug candidates CMS121 and J147. The aim of this project was to investigate whether these two different AD drug candidates prevented the progression of dementia in SAMP8 mice when administered at advanced stages of disease, and whether they shared common modes of action. These transcriptomic data are part of an integrative multi-omics approach that also investigated protein expression, metabolite levels as well as cognition. In addition, in order to further investigate the effect of the drugs in in vitro neuronal cultures, rat primary neurons were treated with the compounds and the transcriptome sequenced. SOURCE: Ling Huang ( - The Salk Institute

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