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GSE149167: Craniofacial periosteum-derived cells as source for bone tissue engineering

Bulk RNA sequencing

The development of alternatives for autologous bone grafts is a major focus of bone tissue engineering. To produce living implants, the use of skeletal stem and progenitor cells (SSPCs) are envisioned as key ingredients. SSPCs can be obtained from bone marrow, adipogenic tissue, dental pulp and periosteum. Human periosteum-derived cells (hPDCs) exhibit a number of progenitor characteristics and have well-documented in vivo bone formation capacity. Here, we have characterized and compared hPDCs derived from tibia with new sources of hPDCs, i.e. from maxilla and mandible (craniofacial hPDCs, as a potential source for tissue engineered implants for craniofacial applications. SOURCE: Eskeatnaf Mulugeta ( - Erasmus MC (Dept.Cell Biology)

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