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GSE130376: Next-generation sequencing of cholinergic interneurons in the nucleus accumbens of cocaine-addicted and non-addicted mice

Bulk RNA sequencing

Cholinergic interneurons (ChINs) in the nucleus accumbens (NAc) play critical roles in processing information related to reward. However, the contribution of ChINs to development of addiction-like behaviors and the underlying mechanisms remain unknown. Here, using mouse models, we assessed drug seeking behaviors under a prolonged progressive ratio schedule of cocaine self-administration to reliably separate mice susceptible or resilient to express addiction-like behaviors based on motivation to earn cocaine. Cell type-specific RNA sequencing in NAc ChINs and the differential expression analysis identified 2,909 differentially expressed genes from susceptible versus resilient mice, which comprise 1,685 upregulated genes and 1,224 downregulated genes. Our cell type-specific transcriptome data will serve as a valuable and widely applicable resource for investigating molecular mechanism of cocaine addiction and in turn facilitate development of novel therapeutic targets to treat addictive disorders. SOURCE: JA WOOK KOO ( - Korea Brain Research Institute

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