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GSE155442: Neoplastic-stromal cell crosstalk regulates matrisome expression in pancreatic cancer

Bulk RNA sequencing

Purpose: The goal of this study was to identify BET-dependent pathways in the PDAC stroma and the epithelial compartment.; Methods: Monocultures and Cocultures of a low passage PDAC cell line (MGH1319) and a cancer-associated fibroblast cell line (CAF-1) were treated with either BETi (CPI203) or CTRL for 24 hours. Each condition was done as a single experiment and all cells were subjected to FACS, RNA was isolated using the RNeasy Micro Kit (CAT No.74004) and sequenced at 75 bp Pair End on the NextSeq sequencer (Illumina). qRTPCR validation was performed using TaqMan assays.; Results: In vitro co-cultures of PDAC and CAF cells demonstrated that matrisome expression was regulated by BET-dependent PDAC-CAF crosstalk.; Conclusions: PDAC matrisome expression is dependent on tumor-stroma crosstalk and regulated in parts by BET proteins. SOURCE: Kim,Christin,Honselmann ( - Liss Massachusetts General Hospital & Harvard Medical School

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