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GSE141788: RNA-seq analysis about Ssrp1 knocked out and Usp7 knocked down samples

Bulk RNA sequencing

Endogenous retrovirus MERVL is specifically expressed in a minority of embryonic stem cells. To determine the restrain mechanism of MERVL, we knocked out Ssrp1 and analyzed the effect on the expression of transposable elements and coding genes. Ssrp1 further interacts with ubiquitin specific protease Usp7. We knocked down usp7 and analyzed the effect on the expression of MERVL. It turns out the deletion of ssrp1 or usp7 would lead to upregulation of MERVL. This study extends our understandings of the machanism by novel factors regulates MERVL. SOURCE: Weiyu Zhang ( - Nankai University

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