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GSE126662: Comparison between opioid (morphine) and vehicle treatments in mouse trigeminal ganglia and nucleus accumbens

Bulk RNA sequencing

Chronic opioid treatment elicits hyperalgesia in mice that is significantly augmented by a human migraine trigger and reduced with migraine therapy. The purpose of this study was to profile mRNA levels (transcriptome) to understand the differences between opioid (morphine) and vehicle treatments in two nervous system regions, the trigeminal ganglia and the nucleus accumbens. Mice received 10mL/kg intraperitoneal injections of either morphine or vehicle volume twice daily (s.c.) for 4 days where on days 1-3 the dose of morphine was 20 mg/kg, and on day 4 it was 40 mg/kg. SOURCE: Sandra Rodriguez Zas University of Illinois at Urbana

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