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GSE125280: Identify novel TGF--regulated genes by RNA-sequencing from MCF10A cells

Bulk RNA sequencing

TGF- signaling and its induced EMT (Epithelial to mesenchymal transition) play fundamental roles in development and disease including cancers. Although, TGF--regulated genes have been extensively studied, with RNA-sequencing (RNA-seq) analysis, new TGF--regulated genes are still been identified. Moreover, many significantly regulated genes by TGF- are not emphasized. This study employs RNA-seq on MCF10A cells treated by TGF- for 1.5 (this GEO), 24, 48, and 72 (GSE74377) hours and aims to identify novel TGF--regulated genes. With 1.5 fold gene expression change (log2 0.58) and p<0.05 at any length of the treatment, 1166 and 861 genes were found to be upregulated and downregulated by TGF-, respectively. These genes were analyzed for their enrichments in KEGG pathways and prognostic markers of cancers. Several genes of interest were further analyzed for their regulation by TGF- across cell lines and their functions in context of TGF- were further studied. This study systematically analyzed TGF--regulated genes and revealed novel factors mediating the pro-migratory role of TGF- signaling, hence, sheds a light on the understanding of the mechanisms underlying the role of TGF- signaling in cancer development. SOURCE: Hank Qi ( - University of Iowa

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