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GSE134401: Effect on small molecule RBPJ inhibitor (RIN1) on gene expression in Jurkat cells compared to gamma secretase inhibition and siRNA knockdown of RBPJ

Bulk RNA sequencing

We discovered a new class of small molecule inhibitor that disrupts the interaction between NOTCH and RBPJ, which is the main transcriptional effector of NOTCH signaling. RBPJ Inhibitor-1 (RIN1) also blocked the functional interaction of RBPJ with SHARP, a scaffold protein that forms a transcriptional repressor complex with RBPJ in the absence of NOTCH signaling. RIN1 induced changes in gene expression resembled siRNA silencing of RBPJ rather than inhibition at the level of NOTCH itself. RIN1 inhibits RBPJ in its repressing and activating contexts. SOURCE: Mark Mercola ( - Cardiovascular Institute Stanford University School of Medicine

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