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GSE124745: The Tug1 locus is required for male fertility and comprised of DNA, RNA and Protein regulatory elements

Bulk RNA sequencing

We have sequenced mouse embryonic fibroblasts (MEFs) and 6 organs (testes, prostate, liver, heart, spleen, and eye) harvested from adult male wild type and Tug1 knockout (Tug1_tm1.1Vlcg) mice in a C57BL/6J/129S6 (N3-C57BL/6J, no Neo) background. Additional sequencing was done on the testes of a Tug1 rescue mouse, which contains a doxycycline inducible allele for Tug1 (tg(Tug1)) and CAGs-rtTA3 in the Tug1 knockout background (Tug1_tmn1.1Vlcg). SOURCE: Audrey,Renee,Watson ( - John Rinn University of Colorado Boulder

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