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GSE84492: RNA-seq analysis of Kdm5c deficient brains in mice

Bulk RNA sequencing

Kdm5c is an X-linked histone demethylase that acts as a transcriptional repressor via histone H3 lysine 4 (H3K4) specific demethylation. In humans, KDM5C mutations cause intellectual disability and other neuropsychiatric comorbidities such as epilepsy, autism-like behavior, and aggression. To assess the role of Kdm5c in brain development and behavior, we generated mutant mice deficient for this enzyme and found cognitive deficits and other behavioral phenotypes (e.g. elevated aggression, reduced social interaction, low anxiety) in these mice. We then performed RNA-seq analysis of whole brain RNAs to determine the mis-regulated genes as listed in this dataset. SOURCE: Rui Li ( - Washington State University

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